Raatchasi (Tamil Movie)

New Release Jul 05, 2019

Geetha Rani (Jyothika) arrives at a village government school as the new headmistress and finds it in shambles. The teachers, led by the assistant headmaster (Kavitha Bharathi), have no control over the students, and they pass their time idly. Geetha charts out a plan to set things and first gets the atmosphere changed by appealing to parents and then slowly starts bringing in reforms that win her the students, though she also makes enemies as well. Ramalingam (Hareesh Peradi), the owner of a private school, fears that the government school would become a competition for him. He plots to get Geetha out of the way and succeeds in putting her behind bars. Who Geetha really is, what is the crime that she committed, and did she win in her quest to make the school educate the underprivileged to compete with the commercially educated form the rest of the screenplay

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